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Girl Board Members

Girl Scouts of Northern California gives girls currently in 9th-11th grade the opportunity to apply to be girl members of our Board of Directors.

Stay tuned for applications in the fall!

Here is what Christina Mitine, current girl board member, has to say about her experience:

“Serving as a Girl Board Participant on the GSNorCal Board has allowed me to continue actively participating in Girl Scouting during my last year of high school. I have had the incredible opportunity to observe and take part in a network of influential and dedicated women from whom I have begun learning how to run the organization as well as its policy and strategic plans. I have been not only able to listen in on the meaningful conversations that these women have but have also had the chance to voice my thoughts and opinions both in person and via conference calls. After thirteen years in Scouting, I now have a unique chance to dedicate my time to the Girl Scout community by participating in financial and administrative news, activities, and discussions. It has been a truly inspirational experience in which I have fully understood what it takes to uphold such a powerful and effective organization that has kept the sisterhood of Girl Scouts thriving for over a hundred years.”

Following is a testimonial from Zahra Surani who has participated on the Board as a girl advisor:

“Joining the Northern California Board of Directors as a girl member was a very insightful experience for me. I had the opportunity to meet and interact with women who continue to inspire me every day. Through the board, I felt as if I was making a direct impact for the cause of women empowerment because my voice was heard in making all the decisions for Girl Scouts. I gained knowledge not only about the development of my abilities but also about the behind-the-scenes aspects of Girl Scouts. Without this position, I would have never known how much effort, devotion, and love go into shaping Girl Scouts and making it special for every girl.”

Questions? Contact Shoba Krishnan, GSNorCal Board Member and Board Development Committee Member, skpgjota@yahoo.com.