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Begin the steps to start your new troop by clicking on the button below to access the Volunteer Learning Portal. When you log in to the Volunteer Learning Portal you will select your troop leader checklist which will guide you through the steps to start your new troop.

Start a New Troop

Welcome to Girl Scouts of Northern California!

Thank you for your interest in starting a new troop and becoming a Girl Scout troop leader! As a volunteer, your most important role is to be excited about everything this opportunity affords you: a chance to partner with girls and an invitation to play a critical role in their lives. Learn more about being a troop leader

1.    Become A Volunteer

  • Complete learning modules

  • Complete background check


2. Connect with GSNorCal

  • Attend your Welcome Session:  Contact your CDD/MDM or local volunteer.  800-447-4475 ext. 3091.  You will receive your troop number, service unit information,  and a new troop packet.

  • After your Welcome Session, register as a Girl Scout adult member and request a 01 position code for your troop number. 

  • Connect with your local service unit.  Forward your email notification of your volunteer screening approval and your assigned troop number to your local Service Unit Registrar and your CDD/MDD. 

3. Form Your Troop/Group

  • Complete learning modules to form your troop:

  • Find girls and adults:  Check with your service unit to see if you can take girls from the waiting list, advertise through school newsletters, send flyers home, talk to parents, or other suggestions from your MDD. 

  • Host a parent meeting or find another way for the group to communicate and make decisions on how the troop/group will operate. 

    • Either distribute the Family Online Registration Instructions to the families and ask them to register their girl(s) and themselves, OR collect registration forms and money for interested girls and adults and follow instructions in the Troop  Online Registration and Renewal Instructions to register them.

    • Recruit your volunteer team, including assistant or co-leaders, registrar, drivers, product sales manager and treasurer (who should also be a signer on the bank account).  Ask them to visit the troop volunteer pages for their position descriptions, training requirements and resources. 

    • Make plans for your first meeting with girls with the parents.

4. Open Your Bank Account

  • Complete learning modules

  • Download the Troop/Group Bank Account Packet and follow instructions to open your bank account.  Your bank account must have a minimum of two signers (can add more later).  Signers must be registered and screened.


5. Prepare to Meet with Girls

  • Complete learning modules required before meeting with girls

  • Ensure that the families have registered their girl(s) OR register new girls and adults online to your troop following the steps in the Troop  Online Registration and Renewal Instructions received in your welcome packet.  You may also use the offline (paper form) registration method.  New girls can also be  added during the year.

Ready to get started? Log in to the Volunteer Learning Portal to access your troop leader checklist that will guide you through the steps to start your troop!