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Make a Difference at the GSNorCal Sites You Love

Here's how you can take action to increase use at our properties. Click here to download the flyer.

Your camp memories may last forever, but our sites need your help.

Support our Tents & Trails Campaign!

For those who have experienced it, there’s something special about visiting our Girl Scout properties. Our 12 camps and outdoor program centers available for site rental throughout Northern California offer a place to get away from it all, to immerse yourself in nature, and to make the most of moments that you’ll carry with you all your life.

But, the reality of bringing that camp magic to you and the 24,000 people who use the properties each year translates into loads of behind-the-scenes labor to keep our sites maintained and repaired.

The very thing that draws you to our camp properties – that remote beauty, the sense of escape into nature – means that we have to work extra hard to keep up with the toll that Mother Nature takes on our constantly-aging properties.

“Camp is a magical place that gives a sense of calm and peace -- there is something about it that just sends any worries far away.” – GSNorCal site user

Snow happens. So do heavy rains, mudslides, lightning, and high winds. Trees fall, sometimes on cabins and bathhouses, across roads, even into swimming pools. Winters are tough on our properties, with storms that damage our roads, our buildings, and even our water lines. Buildings age, roofs leak, floors warp, water systems need upgrades, and equipment breaks down.

Your site rental fees cover expenses during your stay including site preparation and clean up, security, and insurance for your group. But the costs of planned and unplanned maintenance and repair for our sites far exceeds what your rental fees bring in. In fact, this year, we expect site user fees to total $85,000, but we expect to spend $1 million for property repairs and operating costs.

A gift to this campaign is a gift to yourself and your girls, because it helps the Girl Scout places you know and love. To donate, click here, and to volunteer your time and skills to help our sites, email

Please donate a gift of time or dollars today, and keep the campfires burning for years to come.

Gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult your tax advisor as individual situations vary.