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Troop Meeting Reservations

Reserve one of our council properties for your school year troop meetings!

The council maintains several properties that can be reserved for troop meetings.  Reservations for three sites are handled through the Registration Department (Hayward Cabin, Rainbows End, and A Girls' Place), the others are handled by individual site coordinators.

To reserve a space for your troop meeting during the school year, please contact the person listed in the "Reservations" column of the table below.




Sign-Up Period

Contact Person


Hayward Cabin


Meeting room, kitchen

First  Monday  of August



(408) 287-4170 ext. 2091 or 1-800-447-4475 ext. 2091

To reserve a meeting date complete the "Facility Reservation Form School Year Request" and email it to the property reservation clerk at


See policy and procedures for cost, and requirements.


Rainbows End

San Jose

Meeting rooms, kitchen, park area

Girls Place


Two meeting room, kitchen

Lou Henry Hoover

Palo Alto

Large meeting room, kitchen, small meeting room


Contact Karen Smestad for cost, rental policies, and to reserve the site.

Livermore Scout House


Meeting room, Kitchen

First come first served

Contact Carol Riding for cost, rental policies, and to reserve the site.

Rohnert Park Scout Hut

Rohnert Park

Meeting room


Contact Barbara Novak

(707) 795-3996 for cost, rental policies, and to reserve the site.

Carliton Corners

San Bruno

Meeting room, kitchen

First come first served

Contact Keith Carlos

(650) 952-0758 for cost, rental policies, and to reserve the site.

Red Bluff Program Center

Red Bluff

Meeting room

Month to month

Contact Elsa Martinez (530) 528-8655 for cost, rental policies, and to reserve the site.

Benicia Scout Room


Meeting Room


Contact Betsy Radthe

(925) 746-5420 for cost, rental policies, and to reserve the site.


Call (408) 287-4170 ext. 2091 or 1-800-447-4475 ext. 2091 or email

Policies and Procedures

For Hayward Cabin, Rainbow's End, and A Girls' Place

  • Troop meetings held during the school year will be free to the troops if the meetings are scheduled between Sunday at 5:00 p.m. and Friday at 5:00 p.m.  from mid-September to mid-June, depending on the school calendar.
  • Reservations for troop meetings will begin on the first Monday of August.
  • Troop leaders can email or mail in their applications.
  • Any application received before the first Monday of August will be held until opening date for reservations.
  • All applications will be date stamped when received.
  • If more than one applicant has requested the same time period the following steps will be taken to determine who will have the requested time.
    1. Registrar will call each leader to determine if it is possible to change their meeting date.
    2. If there are still troops requesting the same time, the troop that has scheduled the space before will have first choice of the times.
    3. If all the troops requesting the dates have had similar usage, a coin toss will determine the troop that gets the date.
  • Once the dates have been confirmed, Troops will be sent a contract which will include troop responsibilities and commitments.
  • Troops that wish to reserve meeting space must commit to the service agreement for the site.  Troops that choose not to participate in the service project will be charged a maintenance fee.
  • A key will be provided to the troop leader. The troop leader will be required to turn in the key to the Registration Department at the end of the school year.