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How Your Gift Helps GirlsEva Patterson, Civil Rights Pioneer: How Girl Scouts Helped Me • Donate OnlineDonor Testimonials

When You Support Girl Scouts,
You Create the Next Generation of Leaders.

Girl Scouts Sees an Extraordinary Opportunity

Somewhere out there, there’s a girl who might find the cure to Alzheimer’s.

A girl who may discover a new source of unlimited renewable energy.  Who could provide the answer to global food and water shortages.

The question is, will we get her there?

Women have made great strides in the last 100 years, but they remain vastly underrepresented in elected office, scientific fields, and the boardrooms of California.

The reality is that too few girls are growing up to become leaders.

Today, only 1 in 5 girls says she has what it takes to become a leader.

Girl Scouts knows that organizations make better decisions and yield stronger results when women and men share leadership roles, and we've been helping girls gain leadership skills for 100 years.

Imagine a classroom in an elementary school with 50 kids, evenly divided between boys and girls, and then imagine every single girl to leaving the room except 1. And ask the group of 25 boys and 1 girl take on and solve a challenging problem. That’s the situation we have today in the United States.

Girl Scouts Can Change That.

Our system is simple. It's worked for over 100 years. We use 3 Keys to Leadership that:






But We Can’t Do It Alone.

We have so many girls with incredible ingenuity and creativity, who are thinking about others and solutions for how to help -- remarkable girls trying to do great things. 

When you support Girl Scouts, you create the next generation of leaders. 

But will enough of these girls realize their full potential?

With your help, they can. Because when a girl succeeds, we all do.

How Girl Scouts Helped Me: Eva Patterson

Eva Patterson is a leading civil rights attorney in San Francisco and now the president of the Equal Justice Society. She is also a Girl Scout alumna whose experiences in Girl Scouting had an enormous impact on her!

"As a young girl, I felt unworthy ... Going to Girl Scout camp gave me the feeling for the first time in my life that I was a good person who was liked and loved. This changed my life."

Girl Scouts of Northern California recognized Eva this year as one of the Top 100 Women "Greening" the Future through their contributions to the arts, economic development, environment, equal opportunity, health, science and social justice. Our Forever Green Honorees have made a significant impact to sustaining the environment, economy, or community and they reflect the ethnic and geographic diversity of Northern California.