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Sricharana – Changing Our World

Sri couldn’t shake the image: young African children who spent hours walking every day while loaded down with buckets of water to bring back to their village. For these Tanzanian youth, there were no classes at school, no opportunities, no time for childhood games – just the daily trek of trudging six hours or more to the nearest source of water that would keep their family alive.

Armed with the heart of a humanitarian and years of experience leading community service projects for Girl Scouts, Sri was compelled to take action.

“Six hours out of your day really distracts from all the other things you are doing – especially for children,” Sri says. “These children did not have access to education because they spent all their time fetching water.”

The Pleasanton teen had been looking for a project that would help her earn the Girl Scout Gold Award – Girl Scouting’s highest honor – and she went to work.

Sri researched the lack of clean and accessible water in Africa and created an African cultural awareness show to educate her community. Proceeds were used so she could travel to Tanzania to construct a water retention system and a goat pen for ten women and their families.

With the help of her father, Sri purchased all the supplies and traveled daily to the village of Kangabusharo to work with villagers to build the water systems that collect the water flowing from roofs, which eventually flows into a holding tank and is used by families and the goats. The villagers use these goats to sell milk to make extra money for their children’s education.

“This was something really important to me because education has shaped me into the person I am,” Sri says. “All across the world, girls – especially in developing countries – don’t have these opportunities. Through Girl Scouts, I was able to find my passion for girls’ education.”

Sri’s extraordinary efforts earned her the prestigious Gold Award – along with the appreciation of the villagers of Kangabusharo who are forever changed by her project. She was also rewarded by Girl Scouts of the USA who selected her as one of just 10 National Young Women of Distinction last year.

“I believe that the Gold Award project was the benchmark of helping me become a leader and really take on projects,” she says. “I’m no longer afraid to raise my voice, stand for an issue that I’m really passionate about, and be the advocate for change … it’s made a huge impact on my life, as well as in my own community, as well as in the Tanzania community.”

The Campaign for Girls

For 101 years, Girl Scouts has provided girls like Sri with more ways to learn and lead that any other organization.

With your help, Girl Scouts of Northern California’s Campaign for Girls will raise $20 million that will benefit our 50,000 girl members – and thousands more who have yet to experience all Girl Scouting has to offer.

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