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Eco Choice Curriculum Module Descriptions

Watershed - Learn about the Bay's inhabitants, how pollution negatively affects the water cycle, and the challenges surrounding cleaning up oil spills. Some activities include: Bay Bingo, Colorful Camouflage Game, Fish Interviews, Rain Gauge Relay, Paper Bag Watershed as well as an Acid Rain and Oil Spill Experiment.

Climate Change - Explore the basics of how the environment is changing negatively and learn ways to reduce your ecological footprint. Some activities include: Greenhouse Gas Identification Game, Making Re-useable Sandwich Bags, Shrink Your Footprint Fun Quiz, Paper Pots Relay Race, Renewable Energy Game and Creating a Solar Oven.

Pacific Flyway - Discover the Northern California birds, habitats, special adaptations and importance of the Pacific Flyway. Some activities include: Bird Beak Boogie, Whirly Birds Craft, Bird Call Game, Bird Watching and Bird Feeder out of a Chinese Take-out Box.

Eco-Me: The Art of Nature - Learn how the green movement applies to everyone regardless of culture or socioeconomic status through nature photography, video making and creative reuse.

Waste Reduction - Learn about the enormous impact that plastics have on the environment, how landfills are at capacity as well as the importance of recycling and reusing materials. Some activities include: How Much Waste Do You Produce Game, Edible Landfill Model, Planning and E-Waste Campaign Service Project, Paper Bag Piñatas and Compost in a Bag.

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Sample Activity: Compost in a Bag

Now that you know how compost works we are going to begin to make our very own bag of it but you will have to add a few ingredients at home to make it complete.


  • Plastic quart-sized bag
  • Sharpies
  • Newspaper
  • Dead leaves and dried grass from outside (½ of the bag should be this)
  • Fruit, vegetables, peels, pasta and bread leftovers (kids will add this at home)


  • Give each participant a bag
  • Have them go outside and fill half of it up with dead leaves and grass
  • Then have them shred some newspaper and their paper cup (from previous activity)
  • Place the paper in the bag but leave room for the table scraps which the kids will later add at home
  • Add water until the materials are wet and feel like a damp sponge
  • Seal the bag and have the girls label it with a sharpie. The bag should say their name and the date
  • Tell the girls that once they get home, they are to add the appropriate table scraps to make the compost complete
  • Then seal the bag again and place it into another bag to make sure it doesn't leak
  • Store the bag in a dark space
  • Every week, massage the bag and briefly open the bag but in just 6 weeks, you will have rich soil for your plants and it will no longer stink