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Cool the Community


Includes a series of 4 troop meetings, with cool and educational activities to encourage Girl Scouts to stop global warming by conserving energy!

As girls learn to reduce their own carbon footprint at home, they will reach out to members of their community to help them reduce their carbon emissions!


 Register your troop and receive your own kit for “Cool the Community,” by registering at Cool the Earth by clicking here.

Includes Cool the Earth trading cards, coupon books containing 10 no or low-cost energy saving actions, and specific activity guides to support your troop as you cool your community!

Kit instructions will direct leaders on a 4-meeting series with activities geared to address climate change, and teach girls that every action they take counts.

Questions about Girl Scouts Save the Bay or Cool the Community? Contact


Girls Go Green

Spare the Planet and Take Action

Green by Nature has teamed up with the Go Green Foundation to join their Spare the Planet campaign.

This is specifically for high school girls who to are ready to Take Action in their communities through an inter-school competition to reduce carbon emissions. More than 50,000 Bay Area students are projected to participate and we want girls to show that Girl Scouts know how to Take Action and fight Global Warming.

If your troop is interested in reducing their high school carbon footprint, engaging their student body and have a fun, easy way to Take Action click here to sign up and find out more information.