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Golden Gate Bridging

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Your Stay in San Francisco

Whether you are traveling from out of state or over the bridge, planning can be the most exciting part of the trip…especially for the girls. Depending upon where you are coming from, will depend on the extent of your travel arrangements.

Below are a number of helpful resources:
By clicking on the links on this page, you may leave the GSNorCal website. These links are provided for informational purposes only. GSNorCal does not endorse or guarantee the content of any of these sites.

San Francisco Guides
Where to stay in the San Francisco Bay Area
How to Travel to the San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco Guides

With so many things to see and do in SF, where do you start?

  1. First, ask your girls what they would like to see while in the city!
  2. Then, as a troop, look online or in books at all the awesome things to do while in the Bay Area. Click here for a resource of the most visited tourist destinations by troops during the GGB weekend, “Places to Go, Things To Do in SF”.
  3. Use the links below to explore a wide variety of tourist options, suggestions on where to go with kids in SF and interactive maps to help make the planning process easier.

Kids in San Francisco


Where to stay in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Tips on how to decide where to stay

  • Ask your girls what they want to see in SF – this answer will help guide where your troop stays in San Francisco. Most troops stay close to where they are visiting.
  • Decide how much your troop can afford to spend on hotel arrangements.
  • For a less expensive way to stay in SF, please check into GSNC Council Properties or Hostelling International.
  • Please note that hotels near Pier 39 & Fisherman’s Wharf can be extremely expensive compared to hotels in other areas of the city.

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Hottest Hotel Offers for GGB 2014 will be emailed directly to registered participants.

Tips on Booking a Hotel Online

  • Search around…a lot!
  • Bed types are usually not guaranteed unless you book through the hotel directly
  • Online reservations are usually not treated as a “group reservation”. Meaning booked rooms will be located throughout the hotel and not together.
  • Usually the most guaranteed way of booking any hotel room is to go through the hotel directly. However, it is always good to shop around! If you find a better deal online, please call the hotel and ask them to honor it.
  • Always call to verify your reservations.

Please use the hotel or trip reservation site of your choice, there are many to choose from.

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How to Travel to the San Francisco Bay Area

Traditionally troops drive private vehicles, rent a van, charter a bus, or fly to the Bay Area for this event.

Tips on how to reserve flights online

  • Book Early!
  • Including Saturday night in your visit will greatly reduce the cost of the plane tickets.
  • Use online Flight Comparison Tools
  • When checking flights, please check the rates with the San Francisco and Oakland Airport. The cost will vary depending upon which state you are departing from.
  • If your troop is staying in San Francisco we suggest flying into the San Francisco Airport. This will reduce additional travel time, especially if your troop is arriving on Friday afternoon.
  • Please plan for a 1-2 hour commute from Oakland into San Francisco on Friday afternoon.

Please use the travel booking site of your choice, there are many to choose from.


If you're planning to drive please carpool as much as possible. Directions and information on how to park will be included in your confirmation packet. Parking fees are included in the participant costs.


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