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Girls Go Tech

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EmPOWERing Girls!

“Girls Go Tech” is a program initiative to empower girls through increased confidence in math, science, technology and engineering.

Google Grants $100,000 to Tech Choices!

We are delighted to announce that has awarded Girl Scouts of Northern California alargeNewGoogleLogoFinalFlat-a $100,000 grant in support of Tech Choices, a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) program that provides engineering and robotics hands-on learning experiences to girls in grades K-8.

Girl Scouts of Northern California is one of several dozen organizations receiving grants from at the end of 2011 through Google Gives Back. Our grant is part of over $100 million in total charitable giving from Google in 2011. Click here for more ...

What’s Girls Go Tech All About?

Click on this video to see Girl Scouts at NASA Ames learning about science and technology careers!

Today, over 60 percent of all jobs require technology skills. That percentage will increase over a girl’s lifetime. She will have decisions to make based upon her understanding of math, science and technology — decisions that we are just beginning to face.

Research tells us girls are not being encouraged as well as they could be in the areas of math, science and technology — from a lack of computer games with girl-appeal to a dearth of opportunities in technology classrooms dominated by boys.

Donor Testimonial: Why I Give to Girls Go Tech

Click here to learn more about how Dr. Shoba Krishnan, founder of the nationally-acclaimed Girl Scout robotics team, Space Cookies, is empowering girls in the STEM field.

“I feel that we need to have more women in the STEM fields, as introducing girls at an early age to engineering will help them see that it can be a career choice for them. I am hoping my support to the Girl Scouts’ Girls Go Tech programs will be a small contribution in that direction.” - Dr. Shoba Krishnan, engineering professor, Girl Scout mom

How Girls Benefit

According to the National Science Foundation, women represent 46% of the total workforce; however, women represent only 25% of the technology workforce and 10% of the nation’s top technological jobs. The Girls Go Tech Initiative encourages girls to develop an early interest in math, science and technology and, ultimately maintain that interest as they mature to ensure a more diverse, dynamic and productive workforce.