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Q. What is the theme of Girl Scouts Save the Bay? Is it water in general or do we have an emphasis?

A. The themes this year are water conservation and water quality/reduction of pollution.

Q. Wow, my girls had such fun earning the Girl Scouts Save the Bay patch. Are they going to get to learn some more?

A. Yes! Each Association is selecting a piece of watershed to discover and restore. Many Associations had spring service projects. Projects will be continued throughout the year. Check with your Association so see when you can visit again!

We also encourage your troop to take a field trip with one of our program partners, or another water based organization in your area. To find a list of program partners go to then under the troop resources section on the council website.

We now have Our Council’s own Awards for Girl Scouts Save the Bay, a Try-It, Badge, Interest Project Patch, and even a Daisy Water Drop! All of these awards can be worn on the front of girls’ vests or sashes. The requirements were passed out with the other council materials this fall at the first Association leader meetings and are available on-line at under troop resources, earned awards.

Q. I keep hearing about Discover Your watershed, what is it?

A. Each Association has adopted, or is in the process of adopting, a watershed. During the next few years troops will be doing water quality testing, restoration, and clean-up in that watershed. We have a binder of fun activities troops can do at their watershed and to learn more about it. These Discover Your Watershed activities are also on the Girl Scouts Save the Bay website under “Troop Resources, Discover Your Watershed”.

After your troop has done three Discover Your Watershed activities (activities from the binder, water testing and even attending Amazing Bay Day) you can purchase the Discover Your Watershed Stream Patch in the council’s Girl Scout Store. After you complete three more activities, you can purchase the Oak Tree patch. Participate in three more and you can purchase the Brown Pelican patch. You do not need to fill out a report form to purchase these patches.

Q. What program resources are we going to get this year?

A. Our Council’s Own Earned awards, Water drop for Daisies, Try-It for Brownies, Badge for Junior and Interest Project Patch for Cadettes and Seniors are available from your Association Champion. Look for them at your first Association leader meeting.

Q. What happens after we earn the patch this year? Can we earn it again? Will a new patch come out next year?

A. The requirements for the Girl Scouts Save the Bay patch will not change from year to year. Girls may earn it again as they move to a new age level. Earned awards, our Council’s Own Try-It, Badge and Interest Project will be available this year for girls to earn. Pick up your age level’s award requirements at your Association’s first leader meeting.

Q. This all looks great, but I don’t know about environmental education, how do I learn about this?

A. Each Association, through their champion, will be offering leader training around earned awards and the other program pieces as they come out. Each Association Champion will be their Association’s liaison between the Girl Scouts Save the Bay information and the troop leaders. Interested in being your Association’s champion? Let your coordinator know!

Local training opportunities with program partners are listed on the Monday Morning Mailing as they come available.

We are lucky to live in an area with so many resources. Comprehensive information and resources are being added to the website regularly. Do you know of a resource that should be listed and isn’t? Share it with us!

Q. My girls want to learn about other aspects of water this year, like what endangered fish live in the Bay. Can we do that?

A. Yes, please do! We are concentrating on conservation and pollution reduction but please follow your girls interests as we all learn what we can do to as Girl Scouts to Save the Bay, and then take action. Email/call us your suggestions.

Q. Who do I contact if I have more questions?

A. The Girl Scouts Save the Bay staff,, or 510-562-8470 or 1-800-447-4475