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Girl Scout Bronze Award

Welcome to the Girl Scout Bronze Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can achieve.  All of the information that you and your team will need to start your Girl Scout Bronze Award adventure is included in the links below.

Please note:  Since the publication of the Bronze Award Girl Guidelines from GSUSA, they have added an additional Junior level journey that is not listed in the packet. Any Junior level jouney can be completed as a prerequisite to the Girl Scout Bronze Award.

You may be interested in ways that you can be more environmentally friendly and also save money at the save time!  Consider opening each packet and saving it on your computer for reading and future reference without printing the documents.  If you must print, consider doing so with your printer setting on black and white and skipping the cover page.  

Bronze Award Downloads

Bronze Award Online Training

Bronze Award Process for Our Council

Bronze Award Girl Guidelines

Bronze Award Adult Guidelines

What Not To Do

Frequently Asked Questions

Bronze Award Completion Survey

Bronze Award Customizable News Release