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Girl Scout Gold Award

Welcome to the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador can achieve.  All of the information that you will need to start your Girl Scout Gold Award adventure is included in the links below. 

Please Note:

  • Gold Award proposals and final reports must be typed on official Girl Scouts of Northern California paperwork.  Gold Award proposals and final reports written on paperwork from another council or from GSUSA will be returned to the applicant to be re-written on official Girl Scouts of Northern California paperwork.
  • Since the publication of the Girl Scout Gold Award Guidelines from GSUSA, they have produced additional Senior and Ambassador level journeys.  The completed new journeys are also acceptable as a portion of the preequisites for the Girl Scout Gold Award.
  • Girl Scout Gold Award project are INDIVIDUAL project and are done for the benefit of the community OUTSIDE of Girl Scouting.

You may be interested in ways that you can be more environmentally friendly and also save money at the save time!  Consider opening each packet and saving it on your computer for reading and future reference without printing the documents.  If you must print, consider doing so with your printer setting on black and white and skipping the cover page.  

Gold Award Online Training 

Gold Award Process for Our Council

Gold Award Girl Guidelines

Gold Award Adult Guidelines

Gold Award Proposal

Gold Award Final Report

Frequently Asked Questions

What NOT to do when planning a Girl Scout Gold Award

Where to send your Gold Award Proposal

Gold Award Proposal Committee Review Dates 

Outstanding Gold Award Examples

Young Women of Distinction 2014

Customizable Gold Award News Release

If you began the Gold Award process prior to October 1, 2010 and used the previous or "old" Gold Award Preequisites, please use the proposal below.  All current requirements apply toteh project regardless of the prerequisites used.

Focus Book Based Gold Award Project Proposal


Gold Award Committee fall proposal deadlines for Greater Bay Area:

Please keep in mind  that each Girl Scout Gold Award proposal must be completed with timeline and financial plan as well as the answers to the essay questions, signed by both the girl, her leader, and her advisor before it will be considered.

The committee meets throughout the year.  The dates of the current deadlines for review are posted seasonally.  When the last month posted below comes around, the next season will be posted.  Please check back during that month for the next season dates.

All Girl Scout Gold Award proposals needing review by the committee (both Alameda and San Jose) during the Spring of 2014 must be submitted no later than the following dates:

  • February 10, 2014
  • March 10, 2014
  • April 14, 2014
  • May 12, 2014

The above dates are not the actual dates of the reviews, they are the deadline to get it into the review meeting of the month listed. Girl Scout Gold Award proposals submitted after the above dates will be automatically put into the review for the following month. 

Young Women of Disctinction 2014:

Young Women of Distinction is the designation, and a special honor, conferred by GSUSA on ten Girl Scout Gold Award reipients whose final projects demonstrated extraordinary leadership, had a measurable and sustainable impact, and addressed a local challenge that related to a national and/or global issue. This is a national award chosen by GSUSA that includes a scholarship and is supported by Kappa Delta Sorority.  To enter into this competition, girls must fall within the designated time frame of Gold Award completion and submit their applications to the council for consideration.  Each council is allowed to submit up to three projects to GSUSA for consideration.  

The application process is now closed. The final deadline for this application to the Girl Scouts of Northern California San Jose office was March 5, 2014.  Notification to applicants will go out after March 15, 2014.