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Council Resource GuideThe Council Resource Guide: Volunteer Resources is full of the information you need: council operations, council shops, badge depots, volunteer screening process, health and safety, finance, program resources, and forms all in one place.

The Council Resource Guide: Volunteer Essentials

2013-2014 Council Resource Guide: Volunteer Essentials

As you may have heard, Safety-Wise was discontinued in 2010.  Content and guidelines from the first six chapters of Safety-Wise have been included in the Council Resource Guide: Volunteer Essentials, and activity checkpoints are now electronic resources on this page:

If you are unsure of how to use the Safety Activity Checkpoints, please take the online Staying Safe course. 


Summary of Changes for 2013-2014

Download a summary of the changes made to the Council Resource Guide between the 2012-2013 edition and the 2013-2014 edition.

Council Resource Guide - Summary of Changes (2013-2014)

Click here for a presentation that explains the changes in more detail.