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Greetings Service Unit Registrars!

This is your page. We will keep the latest information and training videos here to support your duties. In case you need a list of those duties here is the Service Unit Registrar Position Description (PDF).

Breaking News

08/13/13 - New eBiz with Family Registration Go Live

The New Site is More User-Friendly

  • Family Registration is a feature that GSNorCal members have been asking for since we began using online registration in 2010. The parent/guardian who is going to manage a family account is called the Family Manager.
  • Family Managers and Troop Leaders may register their families and/or troops for membership and trainings. Check-out for your family and each troop is a separate payment.
  • Adult Learning now allows searching by category (e.g. Troop Camping Certification, Brownie Leadership, etc.), by city, and/or by date for in-person adult learning courses.
  • Adults may register as Lifetime Girl Scouts as easily as renewing.

All Users Must Create a Login

  • Everyone is new in the improved system.
    • You must create a new login.
    • You may recreate your username and password or create a new one.
  • Only adults 18 or over may have a login. Adults, such as a parent/guardian or Girl Scout 01-Troop Leader, may login to the system to manage a family account.

03/27/13 - MB201 Now Has Adult Screening Expiration Dates

The most-used Personify report MB201 - 2014 Registered Members by SU and Troop now contains the expiration date for adult members' screening. Please see the Adult Trainings tab which is the sixth tab from the left.

This is very timely because adults who were screened using an electronic background check in 2010, will have their screening expire this year. Those who completed screening using fingerprinting will not need to renew their screening. Please make sure that Lifetime member troop leaders understand that this applies to them as well.

01-Troop Leaders have access to troop management in eBiz with confidential member information. So, their background screening must be current.

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