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Below you will find many of the Product Sales forms and reference materials that you will need for your Fall and Cookie Sales. If you need a form that you can not find here, please contact your local council office and ask for someone in Product Sales. If you are not sure which forms you need, please refer to your manual.

General Product Sales Documents

ACH Authorization Form 
ACH Discrepancy Form - Fillable PDF 
Certificate of Insurance Request Form

Product Complaint Form 
Reimbursement for Event Credit Form/SU Reward Card Reimbursement

2013 Fall Sales Documents

Care to Give Summary Report 
Care to Give Form 
Care to Give Poster  
Care to Give Can Wrap   
Change of Address Form (Only for girls receiving reward cards with a change of address since registration.) 
Fall Sale Parent Newsletter  
Go Nuts Poster  
Product Distribution/Bubble Sheet  
Girl and Parent Financial Responsibility Form    
Girl and Parent Financial Responsibility Form - Spanish  
QSP Business Cards  
Troop Manual    

2014 Cookie Sale Documents

Girl/Parent Responsibility Form   (Spanish Version)
Gift of Caring Form (3 per page)
High 5 for 5 Poster & FAQ's   
Large Cupboard Receipt
Troop Cookie Manual