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Mobile Credit Card Sales 

Girl Scouts of Northern California's approved mobile credit card vendor is PayAnywhere.  To get started creating your troop account, click here to begin the Information Protection/PCI Compliance training.  For a guide to quick and easy set-up of your new account, click here. For the most current information, it is best to contact the PayAnywhere Customer Support, found online here.

You can also visit PayAnywhere’s website. We have attempted to answer below a number of commonly asked questions below, however details are subject to change without our knowledge and should be verified with PayAnywhere.

Booth Posters: Credit/Debit Cards Accepted

Video Tutorials

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Q: How to I get my mobile credit card account set-up with the Girl Scout rates?

A: Troops must first complete the PCI Compliance training available in the Volunteer Resources Online Learning section of the site. Click here to get started. Once you have completed the training, a link will be provided to connect you with our PayAnywhere site to begin your account set-up.

Q: If my troop already has an account set-up from a previous sale, do I need to create a new account again?

A: No, you are all set and ready to go! You may however, want to review your Online Merchant Account to verfiy and make changes to any troop users.

Q: Once I have set-up my mobile credit card account, when can I begin processing transactions?

A: You should be able to begin processing transactions as soon as PayAnywhere has notified you.

Q: How does my troop get credit for the sales?

A: During account set up, the troop is instructed to enter their troop bank account number (instructions provided in the training, found online here). Deposits will be made directly to this account.

Q: Is it linked to our bank account or does council send us a check?

A: It is linked to the troop bank account and deposits are made directly to the troop.

Q: Do I have to have an iPhone?

A: No, Blackberry and Android phones also work, even an iPad, if you have a data plan or are in an area with wireless internet.

Q: Will this add to my phone bill?

A: That is a question for your carrier.

Q: Is there a fee for using the device?

A: There is a percentage of the transaction charged to the troop. Check the PayAnywhere website directly for the current pricing structure.

Q: If so, does the fee come from troop profit or council profit? If troop profit, how are we billed?

A: Troops are responsible for the fees incurred through this program.

Q: Is there a cut-off date for troops to set up mobile credit card accounts?

A: There is not a cut-off date, but keep in mind that it may take several days for your account to be set up and 10-14 business days for your swiper devise to arrive.

Q: Can girls operate the machine or just adults?

A: Girls can be trained to use the equipment with adult supervision.

Q: Why does PayAnywhere request a SSN and how do they use it?

A: This has to do with security.

Q: Do we have the ability to provide the customer a receipt?

A: Yes, receipts can be sent via email or by text message.

Q: What’s the min/max a customer can charge?

A: Minimum charge is one item, no maximum. It is not legal to pass the transaction fee on to the customer.

Q: How would we handle refunds if a customer charges, then finds the product unsatisfactory and doesn’t want an exchange?

A: The simplest way to handle this is just as you would any other sale - reference the Troop Cookie Manual.

Q: Where do we get the device?

A: A device will be mailed to you directly to the mailing address you supplied during the set-up process. Troops may secure additional readers through the customer support website.

Q: How soon after the sale do we return the device and to whom?

A: You do not need to return the card reader. However, if your troop disbands, please feel free to pass this on to another troop that may have use for the device or your Service Unit.

Q: What do I do if my card reader is lost or broken?

A: Contact the Customer Support directly.