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Resources for Parents

Family Guide: learn about Girl Scouts of Northern California

Welcome to Girl Scouting! Girls have many choices in today's world, and we want your daughter's experience to be the best it can be! Well-informed and prepared parents are better able to support the leadership growing in their daughter and her friends! Tips that will enhance the experience:

Be Active

Take a role in a troop. Lead a once-a-month hike, drive on a field trip, or take a 2-hour shift at the Cookie Booth. There is always something just right for YOU!

Be Supportive

Girls are learning by doing, becoming a team, and leading, using the tools that guide the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Support this growth by encouraging her confidence. She can do it!

Be a Partner!

Volunteers make Girl Scouts a great place! Be a partner with your daughter's troop leader to ensure a satisfying experience for you, your daughter, and her leader.

Be a Girl Scout! Learn, Participate, and Thrive!

Sign up and volunteer; there are many ways to support the movement.

Family Guide: Learn about Girl Scouts of Northern California.

Research and trends on girls, and why Girl Scouting works!

What is the National Program?