Registration & Screening Requirements

All volunteers must be registered members. If as a Program Support Manager, you handle, money, product, members personal information, or sleep overnight with girls you will need to complete screening. If you do not do these things in your role than you only need to be a registered member.

Training For Program Support Managers

In order to better support volunteer programs and events, we recommend that you have taken and are familiar with the required courses listed in your Program Support Manager Checklist. When you access your checklist you will be able to omplete your screening, registration, and all the required training. Most of our courses are available online, but some of our more advanced courses are in-person. Click on the button below to log in and get started. 

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Program Support Manager

Thank You So Much for Volunteering to be a Program Support Manager for Girl Scouts of Northern California.

Girl Scouting is a volunteer-led organization and Program Support Managers are instrumental in providing fun activities for the girls and troops in the service unit.

What Do Program Support Managers Do?

Program support managers  work with service unit event managers to ensure that the Girl Scout Leadership Experience is incorporated into all Girl Scout events and works with the other service unit team members to develop plans for the service unit for the year. Want to learn more? Check out the Program Support Manager Position Description

Who Can Be A Program Support Manager?

Any registered and screened adult 18 or older, female or male, who has completed the required courses for this role and who fully understands the Girl Scout Leadership Experience .

How Do I Become A Program Support Manager?

Log in to the Volunteer Learning Portal (link to the right) to access your Program Support Manager checklist, where you can complete the step by step requirements and learning modules for your role.  

Resources For Program Support Managers

  • Check out all the troop volunteer pages so that you can guide troop leaders to their resource pages.
  • Check out all the service unit volunteer pages to help you recruit members to your service unit team.
  • Check out all the council volunteer pages to get connected to learning facilitators and mentors who can assist with training and mentoring to the volunteers in your service unit.