First Aiders Need to be Screened and Registered Members

All volunteers must be registered members. First Aiders handle members' personal information (health history forms) and must complete screening.

Complete the Requirements for Troop First Aider by accessing our Volunteer Learning Portal

Required adult learning courses for Troop First Aiders

Troop First Aiders must be currently CPR/First Aid certified. GSNorCal offers several courses throughout the year.

  • FIrst Aid/CPR Course

In addition to having a current CPR/First Aid Certification. Girl Scout first aiders must also take the Girl Scout First Aider online course to learn about GSNorCal safety policies, procedures, and treatment protocols.

  • Girl Scout First Aider Online Course

If the activity that girls will participate in is located more than 30 minutes from EMS then Wilderness First Aid Certification is required.

  • Wilderness First Aid Course

Everything you need to know about being a troop first aider can be accessed through our volunteer learning portal. You will be able to complete registration and screening as well as required learning courses for your role. You will also be able to download resources and other vital information and our system will track your completion. If you have questions, you can access our question forum and have your questions answered by our staff members. Ready to get started? Just click the button below.



The Troop First Aider should be familiar with the contents of the GSNorCal Health & Safety Plan and have a copy with the first aid kit whenever they serve as a Girl Scout first aider.