Registration and Screening Requirements

All volunteers must be registered members. Troop Treasurers manage troop money and must also be screened.

Complete the Requirements for Troop Treasurers by accessing our Volunteer Learning Portal

Required adult learning courses for Troop Treasurers

  • Money Matters
  • Troop Finance Report

Everything you need to know about being a troop treasurer can be accessed through our volunteer learning portal. You will be able to complete registration and screening as well as required learning courses for your role. You will also be able to download resources and other vital information and our system will track your completion. If you have questions, you can access our question forum and have your questions answered by our staff members. Ready to get started? Just click the button below.

Troop Treasurer

Thank You So Much for Volunteering to be a Troop Treasurer for Girl Scouts of Northern California .


What Does A Troop Treasurer Do?

Troop treasurers are responsible for keeping troop financial records of troop income and expenses and filing the yearly financial report.

Who Can Be A Troop Treasurer?

Any registered and screened adult 18 or older, female or male, who has completed the required online learning courses for troop treasurers.

How Do I Become A Troop Treasurer?

Log in to the Volunteer Learning Portal (link to the right) to access your troop treasurer checklist, where you can complete the step by step requirements and learning modules for your role.  

Resources For Current Troop Treasurers

(Check the Council Resource Guide- Chapter 5 for more information about these forms).