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Earn Awards

Highest Awards

Girl Scouts’ highest awards represent leadership journeys that helps you develop confidence, learn skills in organization, determination, and dedication, and take action to make a difference in the community and in the world. Help the people who need it most. Protect animals that can't speak for themselves. Treat the environment with the respect it deserves. We know you have great ideas, ones that make a lasting difference. And that you're more than ready to work hard to put those ideas into motion. Girl Scouting's highest awards -- the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards -- are your chance to make a lasting difference in your community ... and in the larger world.

Religous Awards

Faith-based programs have been part of the Girl Scout tradition since the movement began in 1912 and remain a cornerstone of the Girl Scout program. Girl Scouts recognizes the religious diversity that exists within our communities. Many times, girls in the same troop represent a wide variety of faiths. Troop leaders help girls develop respect and appreciation for each other's individual beliefs. While a secular organization, Girl Scouts encourages girls to take spiritual journeys via their faiths' religious recognitions.