Business Smarts

Skills for Life!

The Girl Scout product sales curricula is the leading girl entrepreneurship program in the country which provides fun learning experiences to girls in grades K-12. Through the program, girls discover their inner-entrepreneur as they explore and refine their budding business skills.

Research shows girls want it all! They will set meaningful and realistic goals that give them tangible ways to earn funds for for their own Girl Scout travel, camps, events, or philanthropy, and it is a great addition to the family budget!

The programs teach girls five key skills: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills, and Business Ethics. Along the way they gain experiences in planning, public speaking, and marketing. While having fun they also develop a strong sense of self while working on a team. Girls decide what to do with the proceeds from these once-a-year treats that inspire girls of all ages to learn about financial literacy as well as provide funds for all their fun activities.

Help girls gain valuable skills by learning more about the Fall Nut and Magazine Sale and the Cookie Sale.  Indulging your sweet tooth never felt so satisfying!

How the Cookie Crumbles

How the Cookie Crumbles 

How is $5 per box allocated:

All funds raised remain in the council's 19 counties of Northern California. Troops retain an average of 20% of all cookie proceeds for their troop. Remaining funds from the sale are used to pay for the Cookie Program, maintain camps and properties, provide Girl Scouting to girls from all backgrounds, and deliver high quality training to Girl Scout volunteers.