How Can You Help Your Girl Scout?
  • Attend parent/girl training with her troop.
  • Help her set personal goals– both a ‘learning goal’ and an ‘earning goal’. Discuss how you can help her with her goals.
  • Ask her how the troop plans to use their proceeds.
  • Review safety guidelines and product sale etiquette.
  • Listen to her practice her sales message. Ask questions as if you were the customer.
  • Go with her to sell and deliver her products. Deliver the product in a timely manner.
  • Volunteer to help your daughter’s troop with Booth Sales.
  • Communicate frequently with the Troop Fall Sale Manager to help with responsible management of the fall sale inventory.
  • Inform your troop leader if you are interested in taking credit card payments using your smart phone.

Parent Fall Sale Resources

There are so many benefits for your girls and your family when she participates in our Fall Sale, Oct. 3 - Nov. 23, 2014. Read on, and check out the video to the right to get a look at what girls learn as they plan their sales.

When Your Girl Participates in our Fall Nut & Magazine Sale, She Learns:

  • To set goals and meet deadlines. That means your daughter won’t tell you last minute that her science fair project is due tomorrow.
  • To work well with others. That means your daughter will do better on school projects or as a member of a sports team.
  • To talk and listen to all kinds of people. That means your daughter will be able to ask a teacher for help or navigate the school cafeteria more easily.
  • To handle money and make decisions about how to use it. That means your daughter will learn about spending, saving, and giving to those in need.
  • To act honestly and fairly. That means your daughter’s friends, classmates, and teachers will count on her and think of her as trustworthy.

How the Fall Sale Helps Your Family:

  • Your girl learns 5 key skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.
  • Girls earning the reward cards will  extend your familys budget – she can use her earnings to pay for camp, programs, membership, uniforms, and much more.
  • You get to spend valuable time with your girl and observe her growth as she sets her goals and works with you toward reaching them.