Girl Members of the Board of Directors

Girl Board Members

The Girl Scouts of Northern California, Board of Directors, are looking to appoint two girl members to the Board for the 2015-2016 year!  This is an exciting and rewarding opportunity for Girls currently in grades 9-11.  Our girl members who are currently participating on the board have much to say about their experiences.

Misbah Surani reflects on learning real-time leadership and the value of her contributions:

"My experience serving on the Girl Scouts of Northern California Board of Directors has been truly inspiring and enlightening. Girl Scouts has impacted many facets of my life, so as a board member, I was able to give back to this organization by voicing my thoughts and ideas and by participating in board discussions about topics ranging from new initiatives to financial decisions. Not only was I able to contribute, but I also had the opportunity to observe the management of the organization, including the development of strategic plans and the implementation of various policies, all for the overarching goal of giving every single girl a memorable Girl Scout experience. Throughout my term, I met and worked with many dedicated women, who have truly inspired me to use the ideals of Girl Scouts to leave my own mark on the world. Overall, I am truly grateful that I had this opportunity to contribute to this amazing global organization and learn about the behind-the-scene decisions and leadership that make Girl Scouts what it is today."

Snigdha Jayavarapu shares about the impact of Girl Scouts and support "through millions of sisters:"

Girl Scouts has given me the opportunity to exceed beyond any limitations that may have prevented me from achieving my dreams. It has not only provided me with endless opportunity, but has given me a platform of support through millions of sisters and adult volunteers whose mission it is to help each other better themselves and the world. The Board of Directors has given me the chance to interact with a group of successful men and women who have dedicated their lives to impacting Girl Scouts, and has given me the opportunity to understand the behind-the-scenes work of almost every aspect of the organization. Within every level, from local troops to national councils, there lies the possibility for all girls to expand their horizons and discover new things about themselves and the world around them. Girl Scouting, especially my work with the Board of Directors, has impacted my life in an infinite amount of ways, and I continue to learn and grow through my involvement with the many opportunities it has provided for me."

If you have an interest in learning how policy and strategic plans are formulated and have wondered what Boards of Directors really do, please apply now! Applications are due on January 16, 2015. Questions should be addressed to Shoba Krishnan, Board Development Committee Member.