Registration and Screening Requirements

All volunteers must be registered members. Screening is not required for this role.

Complete the Requirements for Learning Facilitators by accessing our Volunteer Learning Portal

Everything you need to know about being a learning facilitator can be accessed through our volunteer learning portal. You will be able to complete registration and screening as well as required learning courses for your role. You will also be able to download resources and other vital information and our system will track your completion. If you have questions, you can access our question forum and have your questions answered by our staff members. Ready to get started? Just click the button below.

Get the curriculum designs and handouts for your upcoming courses.

For information or assistance contact

Janice Stone

Learning Facilitator

Thank You So Much for Volunteering to be a  Learning Facilitator for Girl Scouts of Northern California!


What Does A Learning Facilitator Do?

Learning facilitators are a group of dedicatedm hardworking volunteers who recognize the value of the Girl Scout program and give their time to help others make the most out of their commitment in becoming a Girl Scout volunteer. A learning facilitator facilitates a variety of adult learning courses for volunteeers including troop leadership, troop camping certification, backpacking,safety, first aid/CPRcertification, extended troop travel, and a variety of enrichment workshops and courses. Learn more about being a learning facilitator, download the Position Description.

Who Can Be a Learning Facilitator?

Any registered and screened adult 18 or older, female or male, who has completed the required online learning courses for learning facilitators.

How Do I Become a Learning Facilitator?

To become a certified learning facilitator, you need to complete an application and pre-course self assessment assignment, undergo a brief interview, and attend a one-day “Facilitating Adult Learning” course. The course is free of charge to Girl Scouts of Northern California participants. Contact your local area volunteer resources director (contact list in box to the right) to learn more.

Resources For Current Learning Facilitators

Learning faciliators should be familiar with the resources and curriculum for the courses they will be facilitating and also with basic troop resources and troop leader training requirements.