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Brenda – Changing My Community

For Brenda, it was simple. Girl Scout mentors had changed her life, and she wanted to pass it on.

Over the past two summers, Brenda has been a part of Camp CEO, a program of Girl Scouts of Northern California that brings together a select group of teen girls and executive women to build the next generation of leaders. Camp CEO combines the fun of summer camp with a leadership conference, where girls are connected with successful female business professionals who serve in a mentor capacity to help them chart their course for the future.

The first year, she was selected as a girl participant, and she excelled so much she was chosen the next summer to return as a Thrive Leader – girls who are Camp CEO graduates who serve as role models for new girls and lead curriculum. Brenda was struck by the impact that the mentors had on her, and she was particularly inspired as she watched her peers – Thrive Leaders who were her same age – leading by example and presenting programs on everything from healthy relationship to resume building.

“I wanted to be a Thrive Leader because my experience at camp was lifechanging, partly due to the influence of my own Thrive Leaders the year before,” Brenda says. “I appreciate the opportunity to positively influence someone like I was influenced.”

Once selected to return, Brenda and her team of Thrive Leaders spent dozens of hours in the summer training and prepping to lead curriculum. Brenda proved to be an impressive presenter; when one mentor complimented her style, she modestly thanked her – then proceeded to pick her brain on ways that she could improve even further.

After camp, Brenda was motivated to reach out to organizations in Sonoma County and volunteered to organize a women’s day for area youth.

“I was really inspired by all the mentors, so I'm putting together a women's day for my community at the Boys and Girls club next month!” she says. “Thanks once again to all the wonderful people I met, I'm really hoping I can closely recreate the experience for the girls of my community! I'd also like to encourage other girls to organize a women's day for their community to give other girls the opportunity we had!”

Brenda expects the leadership skills she learned with Girl Scouting will be with her all her life.

“The most important thing I learned at Camp CEO that I have applied throughout the school year is to respect myself as a female,” she says, “and not to allow myself to be underrepresented due to my gender.”

The Campaign for Girls

For 101 years, Girl Scouts has provided girls like Sri with more ways to learn and lead that any other organization.

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