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Girl Scout Opportunity Fund:

When Financial Crisis Strikes, the Opportunity Fund Can Keep Dreams Alive

Donate Now • One Family's Story • How Your Gift Could Help Dreams Come True

Three years ago, Danielle and Nikki were part of a middle class family who loved being Girl Scouts. Their mother, Carol, says Girl Scouting has been particularly crucial for her adopted daughters because both girls were abandoned as babies.

“Girl Scouts gives them the message that they can count, they are valued and important,” Carol says.

The girls were excited to go to Girl Scout summer camp, where they would have “an opportunity to be independent and acquire new skills,” Carol said.

But suddenly, everything changed for their family.

Carol’s husband was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s and, unable to work, lost his job. Carol wound up working two to three part-time jobs, trying to make ends meet.

Determined, the family made changes in light of their new circumstances. Danielle and Nikki each set goals to earn their Girl Scout Cookie Reward to help pay for part of camp. Both girls sold 550 boxes each and were named part of the Girl Scouts of
Northern California’s prestigious 550 Club.

Even with their Cookie Rewards, money was tight – but fortunately, the Girl Scout Opportunity Fund was there to fill the gap. Thanks to financial aid, Danielle and Nikki attended camp after all. Carol and her husband, who can’t afford babysitters
and have no family nearby, were also grateful for some valuable time with each other while their girls were having the time of their lives at Girl Scout camp.

“Bottom line, the financial aid for the girls to go to camp has been a great gift,” Carol says. “The girls know that we work hard for the money to go to camp and they didn’t pick expensive ones … the girls use their Cookie Reward. We just asked for financial aid to make up the difference.”

Help make the difference for other families like Danielle’s and Nikki’s – make a gift to the Girl Scout Opportunity Fund so our girls can see their dreams come true.

Your help makes a difference. 

When you support Girl Scouts of Northern California’s Opportunity Fund, you are literally making dreams come true for girls who, without you, could not experience the extraordinary opportunities that we provide. The economy presents us with a challenge: as families experience tougher financial times, our requests for financial aid increase – but our girls’ dreams don’t go away.