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Growing Strong

Changing the world for the better starts with taking care of yourself. Girl Scouts learn to keep bodies healthy, minds engaged and spirits alive. Physical challenges like rock-climbing, self-discovery through the arts, along with education on topics like nutrition and living positively, all help Girl Scouts make well-being a priority.

Please consider a gift to support Girl Scouts of Northern California's mission to build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. Below are examples of how your support can help Girl Scouts achieve its mission. Gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult your tax advisor as individual situations vary.

$16 could buy a Girl Scout pin, vest and basic Girl Scout insignia (patches) for a girl who otherwise would not be able to afford a uniform. While Girl Scout uniforms are optional, the longstanding tradition of uniforms builds a sense of pride and accomplishment for girls as they display their earned badges and awards.
$150 could send a Juliette Girl Scout to a week-long local day camp. A Juliette is an individual Girl Scout who participates outside of the traditional Girl Scout Troop format. Girl Scouts of Northern California staff and volunteers offer day camp programs to thousands of girls each year.
$255 could bring Girl Scout program to a girl in the juvenile justice system, through our Got Choices program focusing on relationships, healthy choices and life skills.  Girl Scouts offers the only uniquely girl-centered program in detention facilities.  During 2008, Girl Scouts of Northern California reached 530 girls in the juvenile justice system.

Click here to read more about our Got Choices program from the San Francisco Chronicle.
$343 could support a 3rd grade Brownie who is experiencing Girl Scouting through a staff-led troop that meets in her homeless shelter after school.  During 2008, Girl Scouts of Northern California supported over 6,000 girls in outreach staff-led troops that met in shelters, housing projects and underserved schools.
$1,800 could help us transport 40 girls from the Yreka / Redding / Chico areas to Camp Deer Lake in the High Sierras. During 2008, over 3,000 girls participated in a resident camp experience teaching them self-confidence, independence, leadership development, and the importance of teamwork and cooperation. In small rural communities where many families face economic challenges living below the median family income, and where top leadership jobs are relocated to urban areas, we are building the next generation of leaders who will preserve their strong, rural communities.  
$5,000 could expand and upgrade our horse corral at Skylark Ranch in the Santa Cruz Mountains. During 2008, over 450 girls participated in equestrian lessons at Skylark Ranch, learning English and Western Riding and vaulting. Girl Scouts of Northern California maintains 19 properties including day and resident camp sites.  
$20,000 could get us started toward our dream of building a High Adventure Tower at Camp Bothin in Marin, California. This property has year-round accessibility for troops, service units, and resident camp programs. A High Adventure Tower challenges girls physically, mentally and emotionally to develop trust in themselves and others, to overcome their fears and develop their self-confidence.

Please help us continue to help Girls Grow Strong - your help today will help us take action tomorrow.  You can make a donation online by clicking here, or by mail to the Oakland Girl Scout office, 7700 Edgewater Drive Suite 340, Oakland, CA 94621

If you have questions about giving options, please contact Stephanie Chew, Senior Director of Gifts at or (510) 562-8470, ext. 115.

Gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult your tax advisor as individual situations vary.