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Girl Scouts have a long history of service to our communities. During the 100th Anniversary celebrations, it’s important that we stay true to our roots, which is why we are embarking on a council-wide Take Action project to plant trees all over this beautiful council of ours.

There are three ways we are asking that you participate. You can work in all three or you can choose one to really make an impact: Tree Planting, Bothin Organic Garden, and Earth Hour.

Tree Planting

By working in partnership with schools, places of worship, federal, state, and local government agencies, non-profit organizations, individuals, and corporations our council has planted over 2,000 trees. Please continue tree planting this fall and winter as part of your girls’ Take Action projects. Visit our Tree FAQ, Resources and tree planting How-To to guide your project. Once you have planted trees, use our GSNorCal Tree Tracker to help us keep tabs on all the good things you are your girls are doing.

Tree Planting: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do we have to plant trees?
    No, no one is required to plant trees; however, the tree planting project is an opportunity for girls to be part of something really big!
  2. Can individuals and troops plant trees?
    Yes, anyone is welcome to join us in planting trees.  We encourage everyone who wants to get involved and help us plant trees.
  3. Where do we get the trees?
    More information about tree planting will come out this summer with all sorts of details about where to get trees, where and how to plant them, and how to get involved.
  4. How do I get involved?
    Contact us at if you’re interested in being involved with tree planting.  We’re looking for arborists, naturalists, and both individuals and organizations who can help us create the best council-wide tree planting Take Action project.

Please click here for a complete FAQ.

Cultivate at the B.O.G.

The B.O.G., the Bothin Organic Garden, benefits from attention from Girl Scout Garden Gals. There is always routine grooming fun: planting, harvesting, compost turning and seasonal projects. Then there is a curriculum full  of science, art, culture and FUN, that would be  lovely “side trip” on any journey.  The B.O.G is a perfect  canvas for:

  •  Seniors and Ambassadors who want to develop a Gold Award Project that is a perfect accompaniment to their Journey – What’s the next level for the garden?  
  • Juniors and Cadettes who want to learn more about organic gardens, farming and good food through monthly visits to maintain plant and harvest. What a great Silver Project.
  • Daisies and Brownies who want to do fun science, art and history - OUTSIDE – with the new curriculum that is now housed on-site ready for leader delivery .
  • Troop Leaders or Adult Girl Scouts who would like to donate time to girls to do the above. Don’t let the BOG look for company too long. 

It’s YOUR garden. What do you want to do next? Click here for more information on the B.O.G.

Earth Hour: Girl Scout National Forever Green Initiative

GSNorCal will participate with other Girl Scouts, nationally, in Earth Hour on March 31 from 8:30 - 9:30 p.m. This symbolic event is done by turning off all the lights in your home during this hour. All of GSNorCal – and Girl Scouts Nation wide – goes dark! You can go beyond the light switch by replacing all incandescent bulbs with energy efficient bulbs (e.g. compact florescent, LED). For more information on Earth Hour click here.

Click here to go to the national registration page and follow these steps:

Step 1: Register
Step 2: DO your Action
Step 3: Record your activities on the site!

If the Take Action projects listed don’t work for you and your girls GS Forever Green, nationally, have two other initiatives: Reducing Plastics and Building Rain Gardens.

Questions regarding GS Forever Green and Take Action projects should be sent to Kymberly Miller,


How Else Can You Help Celebrate Forever Green

  • $5 could purchase another 1 gallon tree for planting by a girl who otherwise could not afford it.

  • $10 could could purchase a 5 gallon tree for planting in an urban neighborhood.

  • $100 could register 4 girls as Girl Scouts, who could otherwise could not afford it, and send them to a council-wide celebration.

  • $500 could help send an older girl to our 100th Anniversary California Dreamin' Camporee in July 2012.

  • $1,000 could help support the overhaul of community open space throughout the council.

If you plan to donate, please feel free to bring your donation when you pick up your trees. We will happily apply your generous donations to the Council 100th Anniversary activities and hand you a donation receipt in return.

If you have any questions about Forever Green Tree Planting, do not hesitate to email Kymberly Miller, Program Director-Environment, at