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GLEE (Girls Learning Environment and Energy)

GLEE is a program developed by energy and environmental experts, environmental educators, and child and family behavior change researchers at Stanford University. These programs are designed to motivate Girl Scouts to monitor their own energy use habits and then set goals to reduce energy use through independent thinking and cooperative problem solving.


  • Food and Transportation - Girls will use hands-on activities, including a food origin game, to explore how food and vehicles can affect the environment.
  • Home Energy - Girls explore “vampire energy,” go on scavenger hunts, relay races, and role playing to explore how to save energy at home. 

Each module includes an Action Jar game which allows girls to keep track of the amount of their energy-saving behaviors they perform. In each session, girls will also log their energy use and pledge to save more energy. A newscast will also be filmed throughout the sessions allowing girls to share what they have learned.

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Sample Activity: Energy Relay Race

(From Home Energy)


  • Laminated pictures of household electronics dials (washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, thermostat, etc)
  • Power Strip
  • Sample Electronics to Plug In (not provided)
  • Octopus hang-dryers
  • Timer


  1. Split girls into teams. 
  2. Set up seven relay race stations with one household electronic at each.
  3. Each girl will be responsible for identifying the correct setting at one station. Once the setting is identified, tag the girl at the next station and so on.
  4. Teams will compete by correctly identifying the correct setting in the shortest amount of time. 
  5. The winning team will be the experts on the GLEE News Segment. 

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