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Bothin Organic Garden 

 The B.O.G. offers girls an exciting venue to explore organic gardening. What compost is, how it benefits the earth and how it's made. Not only does the B.O.G. provide an opportunity to be outside and get dirty but also offers different curriculum options to learn more about animal habitats, water and compost. 

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A Day in the B.O.G.

The Bothin Organic Garden (B.O.G) is Bothins’ newest addition and would love for you and your troop to come play. The B.O.G has a wide variety of fruits and vegetables for harvest (and to take home!) and exciting activities for you to investigate.

The B.O.G curriculum has three module topics each having multiple sessions lasting approximately 1 ½ hours. Reserving the B.O.G. costs $5 per girl for all sessions in a module. A $100 refunadable deposit will also be collected at the time of reservation. Curriculum is appropriate for all ages but targeted at K-6 with its activities adjustable for all grade levels: 

  • Have an adventure foraging in the garden as YOUR habitat. How would you get water, food, shelter?
  • It’s awesome to learn that compost really isn’t as icky as some say.
  • In Plants and Animals, play a human wheelbarrow race where we figure out the right ingredients for the yummiest soil.
  • Wouldn’t it be fun to end your meeting at the B.O.G. by making tea from the Lemon Verbena or Mint growing right there in the garden? The Water module allows for this kind of exploration at the end of the lesson.

Curriculum Modules Include:

HabitatsDiscover that soils are dynamic living communities, populated by billions of living things and weathered rock.  See the relationship between physical conditions and plants and animals. (2 sessions, appx. 3 hrs.)

Plants and Animals - Understand that your food comes from plants and animals which would not be available without the sun and decomposers.  This is great for the Junior Get Moving! Journey. (4 sessions, appx. 6 hrs.) 

Water - Learn that water is a precious resource and be empowered to conserve water creatively.  This is perfect for the Brownie WOW! Journey. (2 sessions, appx. 3 hrs.) 

Get Involved!

We hope that our project inspires girls, volunteers, and families across the council to take a look at the green space or lack of green space around and Discover what you can do; make the Connections that are local, useful and enriching, and Take Action in your neighborhood. Let us know what your ideas are for your community and how we can extend this experience to others.

  • Troop Leaders or Adult Girl Scouts who would like to donate time do an award project, or complete program aide hours are welcome. 
  • In kind donations: We could use all manner of supplies to keep this garden maintained. Please click here to see a list of what is needed and how you can help. You may have an extra shovel or two, or perhaps you are handy with irrigation and can donate some lines?  Whatever your interest or expertise we can definitely put it to use.


1. Click here to reserve your day at the B.O.G. now and click on the “Reserve Now” button.

2. Select Bothin Organic Garden from the drop down menu in the “Category” field.

3. Enter dates in the “Show Availability From” field. Click “Go.”

4. Select the number of 1 ½ hour reservation periods needed in the “Filter By” field.

5. View the availability of the request.

6. Click on the available date and “Book Now” to make a reservation.


Questions, Comments, Interest and Donations: Alice Lemieux at, 510-562-8470 x6013.