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Girl Scouts’ Daughters of Farm Workers Program originated more than 31 years ago in south Santa Clara County, in the towns of Gilroy and San Martin. Seven years ago, we outreached to the girls in Half Moon Bay, and last fall we began serving coastside girls in and around the community of Pescadero as well. In keeping with the Girl Scout mission and in sync with our core values of diversity and inclusion, the Daughters of Farm Workers program empowers low-income Latina girls with greater confidence and self esteem, along with life skills that lead to positive decision making, healthy lifestyles, greater success in school, and beneficial relationships with peers, families and communities – all essential elements for creating positive momentum in their lives and helping them develop into healthy, thriving, self-sufficient individuals.

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Interested in volunteering? Please contact Marisol Morales, Hispanic Membership Development Manager, or at (408) 287-4170 ext 3022