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Fun, Friends, Adventure Waiting for You!

Hi girls! When you just can't wait for what you'll do next, you can do anything!

There are so many flexible pathways to participate - maybe you'll choose to be in a troop, or maybe you'll pick your own adventures. Spend a week learning to surf or sail. Create robots. Travel abroad. Build a home for the homeless. There are lots of paths to take. And lots of great friends to meet.

The experience can be as individual as you are. Which road will you go down? Choose one or choose them all.

That’s what's cool about Girl Scouts ... there's more than one way to participate! Use the links to the right to find out more or read on!

Looking to Join Girl Scouts?

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Ban Bossy with Lean In and Girl Scouts of USA

Have you ever been called bossy? Do you call other girls bossy to put them down?

“Bossy” is a word we almost never use for boys because we expect leadership from males.

“Bossy” discourages leadership in girls. Women account for only 4.2% of CEOs, 8.1% of Top Earners, 16.6% of Board Seats, and 14.3% of Executive Officers. 

Words matter.

Here is where you change the story! Ban Bossy Leadership Tips for Girls

Find Your Fun in Program and Event Guide!

A whole year of activities are waiting for you to explore in our new Program and Event Guide! Click here to search activities online or download your copy!

Earn Funds for Fun with Cookies and Fall Sale!

Click here to find out how you can earn funds and rewards by selling Girl Scout Cookies or candies, nuts, and magazines in our Fall Sale.

CampRocks with Girl Scouts!

Check out our great summer programs: archery, rock climbing, horses, sailing, arts and crafts, drama, cooking, and much more at!