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Become a Girl Scout!  Become a Juliette.

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Juliette Girl Scouts are individually registered Girl Scouts not connected to a troop. Though Juliettes are available to all age levels, it’s especially popular among Girl Scouts 11-17 who love the program but are very busy with other activities. Juliettes can also be girls waiting to be placed into a troop.

Juliettes can participate in council events, sell products, do community service, and earn awards such as the Silver and Gold Awards. The decision is yours!

To register as a Juliette, download and fill out the Juliette registration form completed girl individual registration form along with the $15.00 membership dues payment to: Girl Scout Individual Registration, 1650 Habor Bay Pkwy Suite 100, Alameda, CA 94502. Please print and keep the second girl individual registration copy for your records.             





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