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Because of the merger of 5 northern california councils into one, we have had to change some of the numbers we use to identify Girl Scout groups, including troop numbers, and service unit numbers.

Troop Numbers

Troop numbers have been changed, and are now 5 digits long. Your former troop number has been combined with a prefix corresponding to the council in which your troop number originated: 1 for Konocti, 2 for Napa-Solano, 3 for San Francisco Bay Area, 6 for Santa Clara County, and 7 for Sierra Cascade. The council prefix will be the first digit, then as many zeros as it takes to make 5 digits including the former troop number, and finally the former troop number itself.

For example, troop number "123" from Konocti would become troop number "10123", similarly troop number "123" from Santa Clara County would become troop number "60123" and so on.

Troop Number Comversion Chart

It is recommended but not required that you change the troop number on your uniform, however it is very important to know what your official troop number is when registering for events, and when completing membership forms after the merger date.

Service Unit Numbers

Service unit numbers have been changed, and will be three digits long. In order to ensure that there are no duplicates, the council has assigned a group of 3 digit numbers for each former councils’ service units. 100-199 for Konocti, 200-299 for Napa-Solano, 300-599 for San Francisco, 600-699 for Santa Clara County, and 700-799 for Sierra Cascade.

In some cases service unit numbers are very similar to what they were before with the addition of a prefix. Other service unit numbers might change more drastically to ensure we have no duplicate numbers. For this reason it is very important that you contact your Community Development Director for your new service unit number before taking any action using the new number.