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Thank you for choosing to volunteer with GSNorCal!  For the safety of the girls, we ask that volunteers complete a screening process. 

Screening is a two step process - both steps are required for everyone:

  1. Online Volunteer Application

  2. Electronic Background check (lasts for 3 years) or Fingerprinting (lasts forever)

Already completed screening using the personal reference system?  Yes, you still need to submit this online application in addition to the background check (electronic or fingerprinting)

Which volunteers need to complete the volunteer screening process?

A Girl Scout volunteer must complete the volunteer screening process and be a registered adult member of Girl Scouts before she/he will:

  • work with, drive, or supervise girls (Troop/Group Leader or Co-op Leader or parent volunteer)
  • work with Girl Scout money (Troop Treasurer or cookie or fall product sale chair))
  • work with girls’ or the other adults’ personal information (Registrar for a troop or service unit)
  • attend an overnight activity

I’ve already completed an electronic background check or fingerprinting elsewhere.  Do I have to do it again?

Yes, unfortunately we cannot accept previous fingerprint or electronic criminal background screening clearance from other agencies in accordance with California Law.  [California Penal Code sections 11105 and 13300 identify who may have access to criminal history information and under what circumstances it may be released.]

All information is confidential

All information received in the volunteer screening process will be treated confidentially and will only be used by Girl Scouts of Northern California staff directly involved with the screening of a particular volunteer.  The reports only come to the Girl Scouts and not to any other agencies or organizations.  The information is confidential and cannot be used against you, other than to deny your application to work as a volunteer.  Girl Scouts of Northern California will not report any information, including citizenship status to any government agencies.  

GSNorCal may use any appropriate information from the volunteer screening process when refusing to allow a volunteer to work, when granting conditional volunteer status involving fiscal responsibility or direct contact with girls, or when releasing a volunteer from a position. Only volunteer status (cleared, conditional status or prohibited from volunteering) will be shared with staff and volunteers with whom the volunteer would be directly involved.

Tips for a quick and easy volunteer screening

Before you get started, here are a few important tips to help things go as smoothly as possible.

  • All registration and adult screening forms submitted should reflect exactly the same first & last names and addresses
  • Should you begin using a hyphenated last name, change your last name, or change your contact information, it is necessary to notify the council. For name changes, please email To change your contact information, please log on to your eBiz account at or e-mail

Volunteer Screening Application

Contact Information

First Name: *
Middle Initial:
Last Name: *
Other Names (nicknames, maiden names, etc.):
Address: *
City: *
State: *
ZIP/Postal code: *
Primary Phone: *
Secondary Phone:
Business Phone:
Email Address: *
Troop Number (if known):
City where troop meets (if known):
What skills or talents do you feel best prepare you to volunteer with the Girl Scouts?:

Self Disclosure

In addition to a formal criminal background check, we ask that you disclose any information you have that might affect your ability to work with girls or money.

Please note, if the council becomes aware of omissions or inaccuracies in this section or of a subsequent conviction, depending on the severity of the crime, clearance may be revoked and a volunteer or parent may be removed from duties until the situation is resolved. If the volunteer or parent is cleared, she/he can be reinstated in her/his volunteer position. Another volunteer in the troop/group and/or service unit will be notified of changes in screening clearance status, but the specific reason will not be divulged.

For the purpose of a background check, the following information is required:

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? (A conviction will not necessarily be cause for disqualification, but failure to report it may be.)
No    Yes    If yes, please explain:
Is there a fact or circumstance involving you or your background that would call into question your being entrusted with the supervision, guidance and care of young people? Those living in households with registered sex offenders are expressly prohibited from serving as Girl Scout volunteers in any capacity where they work directly with, drive, or supervise girls. Failure to disclose being a registered sex offender or living in the household with one is cause for automatic disqualification.
No    Yes    If yes, please explain:
Is there a fact or circumstance involving you or your background that would call into question your being entrusted with money or financial records?
No    Yes    If yes, please explain:
Have you received a moving violation in the last three (3) Years? (Minor moving violations are not cause for disqualification.)
No    Yes    If yes, please explain:

Volunteer Interests and Availability

How are you interested in volunteering with Girl Scouts?

Serve a local troop or group (choose all that apply):

Assist girls in preparing for and going camping

Be a first aider

Handle the troop paperwork

Help out within a troop/group

Help with transportation

Lead a Troop

Maintain the troop bank account

Manage product sales

Teach girls a skill


Volunteer at a wider level (service unit or council) to have a larger impact (choose all that apply):

Coordinate cookie or fall sales in your local or regional area

Family Campaign Champion (raise awareness - financial support for the council

Girl Scout Corps: provide Girl Scouting for girls in hard to serve areas

Grapevine Media Volunteers: Work with Communications manager

Join the Girl Scout Alumnae: former girl or adult members who serve the council

Manage a Fall Sales or Cookie Cupboard in your area

Training/development of adults, coordinate courses in your area

Volunteer at Community Camps (Day and/or Resident)

Work on property improvement or maintenance for our camps

Work with a group to plan and carry out events for girls in your area

Work with our fund development department to explore funding opportunities


Do you hold any special certification?

Archery Instructor

Basic Water Rescue

CPR/first aid

Flat water, Moving, Paddling, or River Paddling Instructor Certification

Health care provider: physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, regi

Horsemanship Instructor


Moving Water Kayaking Instructor

Ocean Lifeguard

Sailing Instructor

Scuba Instructor

Small Craft Safety Certification

Surf Kayaking Instructor

Water Safety Instructor

Waterfront Lifeguard

Whitewater Instructor Certification

Wilderness/Remote First Aid

Windsurfing Instructor


List any specialized skills, talents, and interests:
List any professional affiliations or memberships:
What language(s) do you know?

American Sign Language

















Would you be qualified and willing to help us translate Girl Scout materials or act as an interpreter?
Yes    No

Fingerprinting/Electronic Background Check

Choose between fingerprinting (one time only) or electronic background check (every 3 years):



Electronic Background Check

Fingerprinting does not have to be redone, so if you choose this option you will not ever have to complete the adult screening process again.

The fee is paid by the volunteer and ranges from $0 -$60.


  1. Choose “Fingerprinting” below.
  2. Complete the rest of this application and click on submit.
  3. You will automatically be routed to the Fingerprinting page on this website.
  4. Choose a location from one of approximately 500 locations for fingerprinting.
  5. Make an appointment. Most locations require you to make an appointment for your fingerprinting.
  6. Print your LiveScan application from this council website, (link is on the next page) and bring your completed form to your fingerprinting appointment. 
Electronic Background Checks need to be repeated every three years.  Choose either:
  1. If you are able to pay the $2.25 fee, choose ”Criminal Background Check” below.
  2. Complete the rest of this application, and click on submit.
  3. You will automatically be routed to the secure Criminal Background Check website.
  4. Enter personal information on secure website.
  5. Pay with credit card.
  1. If you would prefer that GSNorCal pay the $2.25 fee, choose “Criminal Background Check (with Financial Aid)” below.
  2. Complete the rest of this application, and click on submit.
  3. You will automatically be routed to the secure Criminal Background Check website.
  4. Enter personal information on secure website.
Choose either Fingerprinting or Criminal Background Check:
Fingerprinting OR Electronic Background Check
Electronic Background Check (with Financial Aid)
Important: Notification of screening clearance is an important step in the screening process, and it is the responsibility of each volunteer to make certain all forms are completed and submitted. Notification can take up to 10 business days.  If you have not received notification in that timeframe, please contact our Screening Administrator at

I certify that all the information on this application is true and complete. *

I acknowledge that I have received and read a copy of GSNorCal Volunteer Management Policies and agree to abide by the policies, including my agreement to follow safety guidelines and refrain from alcohol while participating in Girl Scout activities where girls are present or smoking in the presence of girls. I understand that violation of any of the policies may result in termination of my volunteer services. *

I agree to release GSNorCal to use the application, fingerprinting or criminal background information to evaluate my ability to conduct volunteer activities. I understand that falsification or significant omissions on the application may be justification for disallowing my participation with the Girl Scouts. *

Thank you for completing the Volunteer Application!

* Required fields