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Girls share order cards

We have online and downloadable tools to make this your best cookie sale ever! Imagine how your cookies sales can make a difference with this world of resources! With this one stop shop we help you set goals, connect with your customer, and have fun! Check out all the possibilities!

New! Credit and Debit Card Sales Can Benefit Your Troop!

New! Cookie Media Kit

Cookie Booth Sale Tool Kit

411 on Online Product Marketing

Although GSUSA prohibits the sale of Girl Scout cookies online there are many tools available for Girl Scouts to market their sale online.  This document clarifies some of the guidelines for troops interested in marketing their sale using these online tools.

Stay Safe Online

Set Goals

  • Cookie Club - Younger girl troops can plan online activities to set goals and track your progress.
  • Incentives - Get excited by viewing the incentives you’ll receive at each box level.

Make Contact

Have Fun!

  • Clip Art - Make a digital masterpiece with this great clip art.
  • Cookie Recipe Cards - Tasty recipes for desserts, snacks, even entrees and salads using this year’s Girl Scout cookies!

Cookie Club From Little Brownie Baker

Cookie Club

Imagine if... you could change the world by learning to set and track goals as you manage your cookie activity with this unique on-line resource.

Leaders, click here to set up an account for your troop! You can also view complete help documents and download flyers to get your girls excited.

Girls, click here to login to your troops’ page! (Check with your leader for a Girl Id and Password)

Incentives for Girl Scouts in Northern California

Input your goal for this year’s cookie program and see your incentives, troop earnings, and cookie credit! Click here to review this year's Cookie Sale incentives!

Cookie Booth Finder

Cookie LocatorBy visiting, customers throughout our council can find booth sales near to them!

This year the cookie booth finder will be handled through eBudde.  Please contact your local service unit cookie manager if you're unsure how to publish your booth sale.

Cookie Bundle Marketing Material

Girl Scout Cookie Bundles are a great way to encourage your customers to buy more cookies. Tied together with ribbon in groups of 3 boxes for $12 or 5 boxes for $20, bundles are not only convenient, they make great gifts and provide customers with a good assortment. A little different presentation can produce big results in sales.

Download the GSNC Table Tent and use at your booth sales!

Visit the Little Brownie Baker Site for other Bundles Marketing tools!

Business Cards

Cookie Business Card

Use your Cookie business cards to create awareness and visibility for the cookie program. Always list the troop leader name and phone number on the cookie business card. Please call your local Girl Scout office to get your business cards or click here to download a printable PDF (fill out the leader’s contact information using Acrobat Reader)

Ways to use your business cards

  • While taking pre orders in your neighborhood, leave the card with the customer, in case they want to order additional cookies.
  • If no one is home, leave the card. Customer may follow up with a call and place an order. Add the booth sale dates on the card too.
  • At booth sales, hand card out to customer when purchasing cookies, so they have a way to reconnect with the troop to place additional orders.
  • When delivering cookies in late February, give the customer a cookie card so they can call your troop leader to order additional boxes of cookies.
Cookie Door Hanger

Cookie Door Hanger

With this great “leave behind” your customers are sure to come knocking! Click here to download and print your custom door hangers! Fill out the girl’s initials and leader’s contact information using Acrobat Reader!

Ways to use the Cookie Door Hanger

  • As a leave-behind when customer is not at home.
  • Leave with customer when delivering cookies for future cookie orders.
  • Use at booth sales and give to customers for future orders.

Facebook Page

Facebook is a fun way for people over 13 to stay in touch with friends. You can also “become a fan” of the Girl Scout Cookie Sale and send it to your friends as well! If you don’t already have a Facebook account, you can create one by following the link below.

Click here to visit the Girl Scout Cookie Sale page and become a fan.

Clip Art

By Little Brownie Baker

Download line drawings of Girl Scout cookies to color, get photos for collages, or download logos for use on your own custom flyers. Click here to become a Girl Scout cookie designer with this digital clip art!

Cookie Recipe Cards

By Little Brownie Baker

Girl Scouts of Northern California invites creative chefs to take cookies into the kitchen for delicious and exciting Girl Scout cookie creations. Click here for Girl Scout Cookie recipes for desserts, snacks, even entrees and a salad!