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Girl Scouts of Northern California is excited to introduce a new Incentive Program each year!  We listen to requests made by our Girl Scouts and have designed a program just for them!

Recognition Plan Highlights:

  • Each TROOP gets to choose the plan best for all the girls in the troop.
  • All Incentives are CUMULATIVE.
  • Recognition Plan means the girls receive items.
  • Reward Card Plan means the girls receive Fall Sale Rewards and any patches corresponding with the level of items sold.
  • Troop proceeds are the same with either plan.
  • Magazine and Care to Give Recognitions are the same regardless of plan chosen.
  • The incentive for 8 or more online subscriptions is the same regardless of plan chosen. This year we are offering a special Theme Tote Bag.
  • For 8 or more Care to Give items we are offering a new Love Charm.

Click Here to view the 2013 Recognition Plan Offerings. 

Troop Proceeds

Many troops fund the majority of thier activities through participating in Product Sales. During the Fall Sale Troops can earn money by selling Ashdon Farms Nut & Candy Items or participating in the QSP Magazine program.

Ashdon Farms Nut & Candy Product Earnings

Unit Price  $5.00  $6.00  $7.00  $8.00
Troop Earnings  $1.00  $1.10  $1.20  $1.35

QSP Magazine Program Earnings

$2.00 per subscription for a troop submitting 1-12 subscriptions
$4.00 per subscription for a troop submitting 13 or more subscriptions. (Will show on sales report as troop bonus proceeds.)

On-line email addresses:
$2.00 per 12 valid email addresses submitted per girl through GSNorCal web link (Max. 48 addresses per girl

Address booklets:
$2.00 per booklet (Min. of 7 completed forms) submitted per girl (Max. 1 per girl). 

* No additional monies are earned for subscriptions purchased from address booklets. Troops received $2 up front per completed booklet regardless of any subsequent purchases.

Care to Give Earnings
Care to Give items count the same as a $5.00 Nut and Candy item, earning the troop $1.00 per Care to Give item sold.

2013 Troop Bonus
This year troops can earn a $100 Reward Card by participating in Product Sales– see the flyer on page 23 of the Troop Manual.  This bonus will require participation in both the 2013 Fall and 2014 Cookie sales. Full details are on the flyer. The Fall Sale portion of the requirements are as follows:

  • The troop/group registration was completed and submitted prior to the start of the Fall Sale period.
  • The Annual Troop/Group Financial Report was submitted no later than September 30, 2013 (does not apply to new troops).
  • The Fall Sale Troop/Group Manager completed Fall Sale training and trained the girls/parents in the troop/group.
  • The troop/group had a minimum 75% girl participation (min. 5 registered girls) and at least an average of 40 combined items per girl sold.
  • The troop/group completes all final troop/group Fall Sale paperwork, has successful ACH Debit pulls, and submits all documentation to the Service Unit Fall Sale Manager on/before Dec. 3rd, 2013.
  • Troop participates in the Care to Give program with a minimum of 1 Care to Give item per participating girl.