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Fall Nut & Magazine Sale: Information for Troops

Looking for varieties and general information about the Nut & Candy Sale? Click here! To buy from a troop near you, email

Easy Ways to Earn with Fall Sale!

Why should you participate in Fall Sale? Here are the Top 5 reasons you should!

  1. Troops have the opportunity to earn MORE funds during Fall Sale than in the Cookie Program.
  2. Fall Sale gives you valuable funds earlier in the year to register for programs, buy supplies, etc.
  3. Troops are not required to participate in every aspect of our Fall Sale – they could just take orders, or just sell magazines, or hold a booth sale - whatever works for the troop.
  4. Each girl could earn $25 in troop profits just by sending 24 emails, selling 6 nut items, 3 Care to Give items, and 6 online magazines. See the 4 Easy Ways Fall Sale Flyer for tips for creating a plan that works for you.
  5. Fall Sale is designed to help girls learn five key skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, business ethics, and people skills.

Fall Sale 2013 Dates

Click here for a complete timeline for troops.

Pre-orders – October 4-20, 2013
Pre-order Deliveries – November 1-7, 2013 
Direct to Public Sales – November 8-24, 2013

New Resources to Maximize Your Fall Sale!

  • Credit/Debit Card Sales
    Find out how your troop can use credit/debit card readers during Fall Sale.

  • Marketing Tools: Posters, Social Media Graphics, & More!
    Click here for great resources to help you advertise and make the most of Fall Sale!

  • Fall Sale Customizable Media Kit
    Help promote the Fall Sale to local media in your area with these materials that you can easily customize and send. Click here for media materials. 

QSP Magazines

Troops earn $2 for each of the following:

  • 1 completed address booklet (minimum of 7 postcards - 1 booklet per girl maximum)
  • Submission of 12 valid email addresses through the QSP Online Program) maximum of 48 emails)
  • Every new/renewed subscription (paper subscriptions or online).
  • Note: Troops with 13+ magazine subscriptions earn $4 per subscription.

QSP Online Program

This QSP program is an online learning activity for girls and a way for your family and friends to purchase magazines online.      

Then follow these simple steps: 

  1. On/After October 4, click the online magazine program button and  register. (Troops receive credit for sales between October 4 and November 24.)
  2. Complete the interactive learning activity
  3. Personalize part of the message 
  4. Order your family’s subscriptions and invite other family members and friends to shop online.

In addition to a special patch for the girls, troops earn the same proceeds for online magazines that they do for paper orders.  You can also check throughout the sale to track your progress and enter additional emails to meet your goals quicker! QSP does not rent or sell e-mail addresses or use them for any other purposes.  We respect everyone’s right to privacy. Click here to get started!

At the end of the sale, a Detailed Order Report will be emailed to the registered email address.  Print the report or email it to your troop leader no later than November 24, 2013.

Benefits of the QSP Online Program

  • All major credit cards are accepted
  • Subscriptions start faster – saves 3-4 weeks on average
  • No paper order forms to complete
  • No need to collect money
  • Digital subscriptions available through the online site only.

Troop Nut/Candy Proceeds

Click here for more information on Girl Incentives and Troop Proceeds.

Program Activities 

The QSP Be A Reader Address Adventure Poster is provided for every troop. All aditional learning activities will be available online at These activities are fun for all ages and offer printable pages from the Be A Reader booklet.

Care to Give Program

Care to Give is a council sponsored service project. Some customers may not want to purchase nuts and candies for dietary or other reasons, but still want to support Girl Scouts and their local community. Care to Give is the perfect solution! Through this service project girls sell "virtual" nut and candy products to be donated to local non-profit organizations. Fall Sale customers may choose to buy products and then have them donated to the military or a local food bank. Council will make all of the arrangements for the product donations.

New! Troop Bonus Incentive 

Product Sales is offering a $100 Reward Card to troops that meet certain criteria for the Fall 2013 and the Cookie 2014 sales. For more information, see page 23 of the Troop Fall Sale Manual.

Troop Resources

Survey Monkey Evaluations

  • Troop Leader Evaluation Survey (Available mid-November)
  • Service Unit Evaluation Survey (Available mid-November)

Timeline for Troops

Initial Orders 2013
Oct 4-
Oct 20
Girl Scouts take initial orders for nuts, candies, and QSP magazine subscriptions.
Oct 20 Girl initial orders are due to troop leader.
Oct 20 Orders must be entered into Nut-E by 11:59 p.m.
Troop leader turns in first batch of magazine subscriptions. 
 Oct 20 -
Nov 24
 Girls continue to take and fill orders for all fall sale products except the Double Chocolate Truffles in the holiday tin.
Public Sale/Booth/Site Sales 2012
Nov 1 –
Nov 7
Pre-order Pick-up and Delivery
Troops pick up initial order and start delivering products.
Nov 8 –
Nov 24
Booth sales and other orders continue.
Nov 18 First Cupboard return deadline.

Please be sure to review the return policy carefully.

Nov 24 Online magazine subscription orders must be completed.
Nov 24

Girl money and Detailed Order Report for online magazine subscriptions are due to troop leader.


Nov 25

Second Cupboard Return Deadline. Last Day for Cupboard returns.

Please be sure to review the return policy carefully.

Nov 26 – Dec 2 Troop leaders complete paperwork and banking.
Dec 3    Final troop paperwork due to Service Units. Troops will not be able to access Nut-E after 11:59 p.m.

2013 Varieties

Click here to view our 2013 Product Line-up.