Electronic Background Check

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Volunteer Screening

Thank you for choosing to volunteer with GSNorCal! For the safety of our girls, we ask that volunteers complete a background check that is valid for 3 years.

A Girl Scout volunteer must be screened and be a registered Girl Scout adult member before she/he will:


work with or supervise girls (troop/group leader or co-leader, troop helper/chaperone, trip organizer, troop camping certified adult)


drive or transport girls (troop driver, leader/co-leader, parent) - anyone who transports girls other than their own.


work with Girl Scout money or product (troop treasurer, cookie or fall product sale manager)


work with girls’ or other adults’ personal information (troop/service unit registrar, event manager, first aider)


attend an overnight activity (troop trip organizer, troop camping certified adult, leader/co-leader, parent chaperone)


I’ve Already Completed an Electronic Background Check  Elsewhere. Do I Have to Do It Again?

Yes, because agencies cannot share background checks in accordance with California law. [California Penal Code sections 11105 and 13300 identify who may have access to criminal history information and under what circumstances it may be released.] If, however, you have completed a background check with Verified Volunteers, please login to your account to view your sharing options.

All Information is Confidential

All information received in the volunteer screening process will be treated confidentially and will only be used by Girl Scouts of Northern California staff directly involved with the screening of a particular volunteer. The reports only come to the Girl Scouts and not to any other agencies or organizations. The information is confidential and cannot be used against you, other than to deny your application to work as a volunteer. Girl Scouts of Northern California will not report any information, including citizenship status to any government agencies.

GSNorCal may use any appropriate information from the volunteer screening process to disqualify a volunteer from volunteering with Girl Scouts. Only volunteer status (eligible or ineligible from volunteering) will be shared with staff and volunteers with whom the volunteer would be directly involved.

Tips for a Quick and Easy Volunteer Screening

  • Please use exactly the same first and last names and addresses for screening and adult member registration
  • Should you begin using a hyphenated last name, change your last name, or change your contact information, it is necessary to notify the council.
  • For name changes, please email adultscreening@girlscoutsnorcal.org. To change your contact information, please log on to your eBiz account by clicking here.


If you have questions about the screening process call 1-800-447-4475 ext. 8091or email adultscreening@girlscoutsnorcal.org