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Sell Cookies

Digital Cookie Program

This year girls will be able to learn 21st century skills through the digital order card program.  This program will be linked with eBudde for easy use.  Parents will receive an email in January with a link for simple set-up.

Explore Cookie Badges!

There are so many cool badges you can earn during the Cookie Sale - check them out online here!

Videos: It's Your Business—Run It!

Get inspired watching these fun videos of different women across the country who have one big thing in common -- they had a dream of running their own company and they made it happen. And you can too!

It’s Your Business—Run It! will tell you about what inspired them to start their business and what keeps them going. They’ll also share some of the skills they picked up along the way -- whether that’s how to write a business plan, ask investors to invest in your idea, or how you can use Twitter and Facebook to reach new customers.