Registration & Screening Requirements

All volunteers must be registered members. Troop camping certified adults supervise and sleep overnight with girls, handle troop money, members' personal information, drive girls, and must be screened.

Complete the Requirements for Troop Camping Certified Adult by accessing our Volunteer Learning Portal

Required Adult Learning Courses for Troop Camping Certified Adults

  • Safety-Wise
  • Troop Camping Certification

If your camping trip will last 3 nights or more, Extended Travel is required

  • Extended Travel

If you will be backpacking on your camping trip then the Backpacking course is required

  • Backpacking

Recommended Courses

  • Outings, Short Trips, & Overnights
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Girl Scout First Aider

Everything you need to know about being a troop camping certified adult can be accessed through our volunteer learning portal. You will be able to complete registration and screening as well as required learning courses for your role. You will also be able to download resources and other vital information and our system will track your completion. If you have questions, you can access our question forum and have your questions answered by our staff members. Ready to get started? Just click the button below.

Other Important Information and Resources!

A first aider is required whenever troops will cook or sleep outdoors. Make sure you have someone in your troop that has a current First Aid/CPR certification and who has taken the online Girl Scout First Aider course. Click the button below to learn more!

All drivers who drive girls to the camping trip must follow the guidelines and procedures as outlined on the troop driver volunteer page.

Download the Safety Activity Checkpoints (SAC) for outdoor cooking and camping before your trip. Review the safety guidelines with girls and chaperones before the trip.

Looking for fun things to do on your camping adventure? Download these valuable outdoor resources.

Questions about Troop Camping?
Please contact Janice Stone
(800) 447-4475 ext. 8007

Troop Camping Certified Adult

Thank You for Volunteering to be a Troop Camping Certified Adult for Girl Scouts of Northern California!


What Does A Troop Camping Certified Adult Do?

Assists girls in planning, budgeting, and organizing the troop camping experience. Accompanies girls on the camping adventure to make sure the trip is both safe and fun.

Who Can Be A Troop Camping Certified Adult?

Any registered and screened adult 18 or older, female or male, who completes the required required training for troop camping certified adults and who will assist girls in the planning, budgeting, and organizing the camping trip and will go on the camping trip to ensure safety guidelines are followed.

How Do I Become A Troop Camping Certified Adult?

Log in to the Volunteer Learning Portal (link to the right) to access your Troop Camping Certified Adult checklist, where you can complete the step by step requirements and learning modules for your role.

When Is A Troop Camping Certified Adult Needed?

If your troop will either cook OR sleep outdoors (or in shelters without electricity or indoor plumbing), then at least one troop adult who will accompany the troop on the camping trip and who will be involved in the planning process with the girls must take this course.

Tell Me More About The Troop Camping Certification Course

 Emphasis is on how to teach skills to girls and prepare them for their outdoor experiences, as well as health and safety concerns when camping in a group. It is recommended to take this course 6 months in advance of your camping trip. Complete the online course:  Safety Wise course is a pre-requisite. A non-refundable course fee covers the cost of food and materials. This class may be offered as a one, two, or three part class, and class lengths vary due to the optional overnight experiences. Contact your local office volunteer resources director if you have any questions about which class is right for you. If you wish to take this training with your daughter, please see the description for Troop Camping Certification Adult/Girl Weekend when you register.

Resources for Troop Camping Certified Adults:

What If I Have An Extensive Camping Background? Do I Still Need To Take Troop Camping Certification?

Troop Camping Certification Equivalency

The equivalency is offered as a challenge to the Troop Camping Certification Course. Certification is granted to individuals who demonstrate the necessary knowledge and skills to work with a Girl Scout group in planning, preparing for, and carrying out outdoor camping adventures.


The equivalency consists of a self-assessment, written exam, and may include a skills demonstration session. Below are the steps for completing the equivalency.

1. Self-Assessment

Review the following list of competencies listed here to determine whether or not you should enroll in the equivalency. If you possess the knowledge and skills outlined, proceed to step 2.

  • Girl Scout rules and procedures pertaining to troop camping
  • Girl readiness for camping
  • Progression in the outdoors
  • Planning with girls
  • Leave No Trace principles
  • Safety practices for cooking, fires, dish & hand washing, and fuels

2. Written exam

Contact the director of volunteer resources in the office closest to you and request the equivalency exam. The exam can be emailed or mailed to you. Complete the exam within two weeks of receipt and return by email or mail to the director of volunteer resources.

3. Approval Process

You must score at least 85% and not miss any serious safety questions.
If necessary complete the 1 ½ hour skills demonstration or be asked to attend the in-person Troop Camping Certification class.