Mindset Course For Camp Staff

Girl Scouts Thrive!

Girl Scouts of Northern California’s partnership with the Thrive Foundation for Youth has brought tools to help girls live up to their full leadership potential so they can Thrive!

The Foundation has worked with researchers in the field of positive youth development to establish the Thrive Theory of Change.

Thriving is defined as:

  1. A forward, purposeful motion toward achieving one’s full potential.
  2. An orientation toward life marked by balance, meaning, and learning from experience, in which one knows and finds resources that foster one’s talents, interests, and aspirations and through which one contributes to the common good.

When Adults Support Thriving, Girls Can:

If supported, youth will be on a road to a hopeful future working towards their full potential.  From this adult stewardship, youth receive key by-products:

  • Ability to build positive, sustained relationships with peers and adults, focusing on high quality, high quantity time;
  • Life skills that include self-reflection and goal management;
  • They practice these skills and values in home, school, and community activities.  

Programming has been developed to surround the Thrive theory of change. Girl Scouts is a place in which girls try new things, set goals, and build their leadership skills, and the Thrive curriculum provides a tangible, age-appropriate way in which to foster this development in girls.